7.8inch Flexible AMOLED Display 1440*1920 2K OLED Touchscreen With HDMI Driver Board

Model GL780FAM01B is a color-active matrix thin film transistor(TFT)liquid crystal display(LCD)that uses amorphous silicon TFT as a switching device. This TFT LCD flexible display has a 7.8-inch diagonally measured active display area with (1440 horizontal by 1920 vertical pixel )resolution.


Additional information

Outside dimensions


Active area

LCD:158.4mm(W) ×118.8mm(H)


1440(RGB) ×1920 pixels

Viewing direction

All o’clock

Product Details

1. Scope:

This Specification defines general provisions as well as inspection standards for the AMOLED module supplied by our company. If the event of unforeseen problems or unspecified items occurs, we naturally shall negotiate and agree to a solution with the customer.


2. Warranty:

Basically, warranty term is 12 months of reliability characteristics of the quality level after the outgoing date in our company and we could compensate for defectives which happen within warranty term under the condition that the products should be stored or be used as specified under normal condition within the contents of the specification.

Otherwise, it is impossible to compensate for defectives when they happen by customer’s mistake such as careless handling or circuit change, etc. And after 12 months of the warranty term, all replacement for defectives will be charged.


3. Product Features:

7.8inch FHD is a color active matrix AMOLED display module using low-temperature Poly-Silicon TFT’s(Thin-Film Transistors) as active switching devices. This module has a 7.8inch diagonally measured active area with FHD resolutions(1440 horizontal by 1920 vertical pixel arrays) Each pixel is divided into RED, GREEN, BLUE dots which are arranged in vertical stripe and this module can display 16.7M colors.


4. Product Description:

ItemGeneral FeatureUnitRemark
Screen Size7.8inch
Outline Dimension170.5(W)*128.8(H)*0.379(D)mm
Active AreaLCD: 158.4(W)*118.8(H)mm
Pixel ArrangementRGB Vertical Stripes
Display ModeNormally Black. Transmissive LCD
Input Signals2 port MIPI compatible 8080 I/F
Viewing DirectionAll o' clock


Company Details

G&L has devoted itself to the manufacturing and development of high-quality products for the Wearable TFT LCD and IOT LCD Displays 0.39inch to 13.3inch Small TFT LCD, Round Circular TN IPS TFT LCD Display, Square TFT LCD, Transflective& Reflective& Sunlight readable TFT LCD Displays, Resistive Touchscreen, Capacitive Touch Panel, OLED Display, and PMOLED LCD Modules, OEM&ODM Customization Solutions.

As a Professional Manufacturer Of small & medium-sized displays, we have manufactured color TFT LCDs Displays of more than 150 models, including 1.09inch round LCD display  240*240, 1.28inch round LCD module, 1.54inch RGB LCD Screen 240*240, 1.6inch QSPI 400*400 LCD Display, 2.1inch and 2.76inch round automotive LCD panel to meet the different requirements for the customers all over the world.

We provide LCD Customization such as FPC design, Capacitive Touchscreen & Resistive Touch Panel, Backlight, and HDMI Driver Board solutions to meet customers’ requests. Free accessories such as Connectors, Cables, and Small breakout boards can be provided, and a three to five years long-term supply is available.

G&L Display is an ISO approved for both quality ISO9001 and environment ISO14001, RoHS certificated manufacturer. As a leading manufacturer in the small TFT display modules market, Toppop will continue to dedicate the research & development, and design, of new technology of LCD, TFT, and OLED displays Solutions. 

Sourcing Agent

G&L Electronics is not only a China Small Color TFT LCD Screen Display Manufacturer but also an OLED display sourcing company. Our main products include a 0.39-inch BOE OLED AMOLED microdisplay & a 0.71-inch SONY micro OLED Screen, and 1.2-inch and 1.39-inch full round AMOLED displays with touchscreen.

We also expanding our product range to flexible OLED screens as well as a transparent OLED display. We have to say, you can find a variety of different displays in our company. Most of our products are widely used in wearable devices, the automotive industry, smart homes, intelligent robots, handheld devices, communication devices, and home security systems. All developed products have passed CE, ROHS, and other certifications.

A: Testing Board

  1. Support transferring needle;
  2. Pin Pitch: 0.3/0.4/0.5/0.8mm;
  3. All kinds of conntecting mode;
  4. Support ODM,60 pin max.

B: Extension Cable

  1.  Length: 10(default)/15cm;
  2. Same or opposite pin direction;
  3. Pin qty: 6-60 pin,0.5mm pitch;
  4. Support custom dimension.

C: Dupont Cable

  1. Hole diameter: 2.54mm;
  2. Length: 10/20/30cm;
  3. Colorful cable,40pcs for 1 group;
  4. Female to male,male to male.

D: Plug in Connector

  1. Pin pitch: 0.3mm;
  2. Support specify brand;
  3. All kinds of pin quantity;
  4. Support ODM,60 pin max.

E: Board to Board Connector

  1. Pin pitch: 0.4mm;
  2.  Support specify brand;
  3. All kinds of pin quantity;
  4. Support ODM,60 pin max.

F: Transferring Board Connector

  1. Pin pitch: 0.5mm;
  2. Support specify brand;
  3. All kinds of pin quantity;
  4. Support ODM,60 pin max.

Customization Solution

  1. Customize FPC: 

1) Appearance can be designed in an arc, rectangle, square, L shape,S shape, etc..free bending, coiling, folding, can be arbitrarily arranged in accordance with the spatial layout requirements, adopt electrolytic copper or copper rolling process design with very good electrical conductivity;

2) FPC interfaces include soldering, plug-in, and B2B connection, the reinforcement materials we commonly use include PI, PET, FR4, steel sheet, aluminum sheet, and so on, which can be selected according to different applications environments.


  1. Customize Backlight: 

1) The appearance of the plastic frame can be designed in rectangle, square,round, heterogenic,etc…;

2) The thickness can be designed according to the customer’s requirement;

3) The material is fire retardant PC (URZ2510), adopt PC on light guide plate (LC-1500);

4) All films adopted 3m material;

5) Imported LED common brands(Samsung,Poly);

6) Can add upper and nether iron frame for antistatic design; 

7) The brightness can be customized from 100cd/m2 to 1200cd/m2,average life is more than 40000 hours.


  1. Customize Touch Screen:

1) The shape of the cover panel can be designed in rectangle,square, round, heterogenic, etc…;

2) LOGO can be customized in various sizes and colors;

3) The flat surface can be customized in anti-glare and anti-fingerprint;

4)  The materials of glass we can use Corning, Japan Asahi Glass as customer’s demand; 

5) For functions, we can customize single point and multi-point touch; 

6) Common drivers IC normally we use for FPC of the touch panel are FT and ILI;

7) About interface, commonly adopt the I2C interface definition and USB; 

8) For Joint, we adopt OCA laminating for accurate assembling.


  1. Customize LCD Glass:

Outline dimension, resolution, thickness, viewing angle(TN/IPS), transmissive, or transflective can be customized as the customer’s requirements.


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