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Founded in 2016(Head office in 2009), We focuses on a different mode of displays. Currently, our monthly production capacity can be reached to 800K pieces. Our display modules cover TFT LCD display, AMOLED display, Monochrome Display, Flexible Display, sizes from 0.42 to 10.5 inch, capacitive touch panel or resistive touch panel can be customized as demand from customers which are widely used in a smart wearable device, automotive industry, industrial control equipment, POS machine or other handheld devices, tablet computers, mobile phones or other communication devices, robot, intelligent furniture, medical device, smart toy, smart home, security equipment, And other fields. All developed products have passed CE, ROHS, and other certifications. 


6 Engineers


8 Quality Control Specialist


800K pcs Per Month

Production lines

4 Automatic Production Lines

Automatic Production Lines

Our automatic machine equipment is mainly composed of: feeding machine, cleaning machine, COG, FOG, 4 kinds of machine combination. The transportation of products is carried out with a precise grasp by a mechanical arm. 

LCD Check

The main feeding machine is to take the LCD from the plate, one by one placed well. The cleaning machine cleans the ITO surface of the glass, which can ensure that there will be no dust or dirt during the pressing process, which will affect the quality.COG equipment is mainly used to drive IC to press on the glass, FOG equipment is mainly used to press FPC on the glass.

Backlight Check

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Final Inspection

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What You Will Get

NO MOQ Requirement

1pc is available, you do not have to place bulk order before test.

OEM&ODM Solution

Design the touchscreen based on your project under NDA.

Quick Shipping

3 Working days to send your samples from our factory.

Quality Control

All of our products based on RoHs certificate.

24*7 Service Support

Technical Support for 24*7 to help you quick evaluation.

Never End Supply

You can get your products at least 5 years of production.


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

You can contact us at or phone number 86(0)151 1240 0735 directly and our sales engineer will follow up on your inquiry with 12 hours

For all of our standard AMOLED Modules, samples always in stock.

We offer Customization solution. Please advise your customize requirements, we will send you drawing as confirmation.

We have different development/demo board for OLED/OLED+CTP, as well as for Flexible screens.

No MOQ requirements for standard products. Customized products depend on the different parts of your customized.

Samples in stock, shipment will be arranged within 3 working days. And for bulk, the lead time will be 3 to 4 weeks. As for customization, it depends on your project.

We support to make payment via TT/Paypal, 50%-100% deposit in advance, and the balance is paid before shipping as order amount.

Specification and datasheet are available. You can find drawing on these files. We can provide a test report with samples if you need them.