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New Arrival 0.71inch FHD AR OLED Display With HDMI Board

0.71inch diagonal, Full HD resolution(1920*1080), active-matrix color OLED(Organic Light Emitting Display) Panel module based on a single-crystal silicon backplane. The pixel circuits and driving IC are integrated on the silicon backplane to get the compact size and very low power consumption.

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For all of our standard OLED Displays including Transparent and Flexible Displays, samples always in stock.

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We have different development/demo board for OLED/OLED+CTP, as well as for Flexible and Transparent screens.

OEM&ODM solution is welcome. We provide FPC, Touchscreen, PCB Board customization support. We can custom according to your requirements.

We support to make payment via TT/Paypal for Samples. 

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