BOE Successfully Mass-Produced Foldable OLED Panels

According to foreign reports, after South Korea’s Samsung Display, Chinese display manufacturer BOE has also successfully mass-produced foldable OLED panels for foldable smartphones.

The report pointed out that it is currently planned to be launched on February 22. Huawei’s folding smartphone model Mate X2 will use the panel provided by BOE. Mate X2 is the first Huawei smartphone with a foldable screen, which can provide a large screen even when folded, and has a relatively low unit price advantage. In addition, the folding module of Mate X2 is easier to produce than other competitors.

As Samsung and Samsung Display launched the foldable Galaxy Fold series smartphones in the smartphone market and achieved certain reputation and achievements, Huawei immediately followed suit and began to develop foldable phones. Huawei initially expected to purchase foldable panels from Samsung Display, but in the end it chose BOE products because of the restrictions on the purchase of panels from Samsung Display after the Sino-US trade friction.

The report emphasized that although the function of Huawei’s Mate X2 folding smartphone is not yet clear, the situation of BOE’s mass production of foldable panels has made Korean panel suppliers nervous.

BOE previously used high salaries to tap South Korean panel engineers, and under the subsidy policy of the Chinese government, it adopted a dumping strategy to dominate the LCD panel market.

Four years after entering the smartphone OLED panel market, that is, after passing Apple’s strict quality review at the end of 2020, it is expected that a small amount of Apple OLED mobile phone panels will be supplied. (Technology News)


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